induction brazing of steel automotive parts

Objective: A manufacturer of steel parts for the automotive industry is interested in upgrading their old induction equipment. UltraFlex received samples of steel shafts, plates, and fittings for the induction brazing test.

A challenge for this application was conducting the tests with our induction heater and the client’s induction coil.

Industry: Automotive & Transportation

Equipment: The induction heating power supply we chose for the brazing test was UltraHeat SM – 5kW Induction Heater.

Process: Our engineers conducted three tests for the three different parts. With each test, the power supply worked with setups of 5 kW of power and a temperature of 1400°F (760°C).

The heat cycle time for the first test was 40 sec., and the heat cycle time for the second test was 60 sec. Both were performed with the customer’s single-turn coil. For the third test, we used the customer’s three-turn coil, and the processing time was 30 sec.

This application was complete with coils provided by the customer. If a specially designed induction coil is used, the cycle time will be reduced.

Benefits: Investing in new induction heating equipment can optimize the production process on many levels. One of the main goals is to reduce energy costs, which can be achieved with more efficient technology. Additional benefits of induction heating also include increased repeatability and productivity, as well as low maintenance requirements.

Reference Info: Application Note 3463-7242

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