Induction Brazing of Magnetic Steel Ice Skates

Objective: A manufacturer of ice skates, who already is an induction heating user, sent us several figure skate samples for application testing. All parts are of magnetic steel, and each assembly must be brazed at three positions.

The customer’s main requirement is to reduce the oxidation occurring on the skates during the induction brazing process as much as possible.

We must concentrate the heat precisely at the brazed joint to minimize oxidation.

Industry: Manufacturing & Automation

Equipment: We decided to use our new – SOLO Induction Heating Systems.

Process: For the needs of the application test, the customer sends us a silver brazing alloy in the form of clips. Also, we used brazing flux to eliminate oxidation.

Before starting tests, we had to tune the system to achieve the fastest heating cycles possible to reduce heat transfer along the skates.

During the first tests, we noticed that the coil position was affecting the skate, not just the joint. This leads to additional oxidation. With a proper coil design, oxidation can be overcome.

The induction heating system was set up to 5kW of power, and the brazing temperature was reached. The heat cycles time that we achieved were 20 and 30 seconds, and the joints were cleared from oxidation.

Benefits: All tests were performed using only flux, without any argon. The blowing argon above the joint will remove much of the oxidizing air and cool down the skate, further preventing oxidation.

Using argon and designing a custom induction coil are two factors that will help automate the process. The customer can increase repeatability and productivity with an automated induction heating process, have greater process control, and improve energy efficiency.

Reference Info: Application Note 3464-7371

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