brazing of aluminum assemblies

Objective: An automotive parts manufacturer wants to improve its induction brazing process by using more efficient induction power supplies. The parts for brazing are aluminum tubes to aluminum base (flange) and used for electrical vehicles batteries.

The client wants to achieve better brazing results when the aluminum assemblies are placed horizontally and increase efficiency by brazing both pipes simultaneously to the flange. The goal is to reach a max of 650°C temperature and the shortest heating cycle time.

Industry: Automotive & Transportation

Equipment: UltraHeat W Series – 15kW Induction Heating System was used in this testing.

Process: The system proved ideal for the application. We reached only 10kW out of the 15kW total and a heating time of 60 seconds.

With a custom-designed inductor, the efficiency will be improved further. The custom coil will allow to brazing both pipes at the same time, and brazing them separated didn’t cause any un-brazing during the tests.

Benefits: The heating must be distributed evenly to achieve good allow flow and don’t melt any assembly pieces. The brazing process could be optimized substantially with induction heating and a suitable inductor for the job.

Reference Info: Application Note 3464-7138

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