Stainless Steel Brazed Tubing

The goal of this induction brazing application test is to braze four joints of stainless steel evenly for increased repeatability.

Industry: Automotive

Equipment: W15/150, HS-8

Time: 15 sec.

Materials: Stay Silv Black Flux

Temperature:  1472°F  (800°C)

Power: 6.1 kW


The two stainless tubes were joined together and an alloy ring was placed around the joint. Black flux was then applied to the joint for a better brazing process. The workpiece was placed inside the helical coil for 15 seconds where 6.1 kW of power was applied. The workpiece reached 1472°F  (800°C) and was successfully brazed.  The Ultraflex equipment recommends for this application is the  W15/150 along with a 15 kW power supply.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3463-6419


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