induction hardening of a steel part

The goal of this induction heating application is to heat complex shape steel tools for hardening and integrate the process on a conveyor line to increase productivity.

Industry: Manufacturing

Equipment: W15

Materials: Steel tool parts

Power: 9.71kW

Time: 17 secs

Coil: Custom designed 4 turn helical coil. Visit our coil library here.

The Process:

The induction coil is designed to provide uniform heat to the entire part. The induction heat is applied to the entire part. The sample is then quenched into water. The exact time and power of the induction heat have to be determined based on the specific hardening and production requirements. The benefits of induction hardening for tools parts include fast heating, increased production rates, increased energy efficiency, automation and repeatability.

UltraFlex induction heating systems are widely used for similar induction hardening applications.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-5700


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