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De-brazing and Brazing Carbide Tips

///De-brazing and Brazing Carbide Tips
De-brazing and Brazing Carbide Tips2019-01-07T11:27:29+00:00


De-brazing and brazing carbide tips onto milling cutter tools


Power: 11,5kW (max)
Time: 10 sec (to brazing temperature)

Process Steps

1. Heat to brazing temperature to remove stale tool
2. Removing old solder during heating
3. Braze new tool

Results and Conclusions:

1. The delivered power to the load was more than enough and the test was performed successful
2. Coil bar connection between customer coil and our heat station was only for test purposes
3. Using of foot-switch for this application is useful for this application


The induction heater performance exceeds customer expectations. The customer was very happy to reduce the time needed for worn carbide tips replacement.



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