Learn How to Connect Power Supplies to the Power Supply Network

  • The Power Supply connects to the power network through a power cord (supplied).
  • An additional fuse or circuit breaker and residual current circuit breaker on that power branch is a good choice since it will provide extra protection in addition to the unit’s internal protection.
  • A mechanical switch is also recommended within the operator‘s range and vision and possibly closer to the Power Supply.
  • Only trained personnel should open the unit’s covers and operate the breakers.
Color1-Phase ConnectionColor3-Phase Connection
BrownLine 1BrownLine 1
BlueNeutralBlackLine 2
Green/YellowGround/EarthGreyLine 3

1-ph power supply cable

Monophase power supply cable

3-ph power supply cable

Three phase power supply cable

NOTE: Local codes may have stringent requirements. It is the CUSTOMER ‘s responsibility to be familiar with and to comply with all applicable codes concerning conductor ratings and wiring procedures. An electrician familiar with the local regulations should determine proper wiring connections.