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Soldering with toroidal ferrite coil

///Soldering with toroidal ferrite coil
Soldering with toroidal ferrite coil 2017-07-21T09:12:27+00:00

Soldering with toroidal ferrite coil

Determine a coil design for newer parts with a shorter interface tube on the connector than original parts against which the customer purchased the Ultraflex 2 kW. Document results and sales is to provide a coil cost to the customer for the best arrived at solution.

S-2 power supply, HS 4

• Plated brass ink connectors
• Braided coaxial lead
• Assembly RFD

Test 1

Key Parameters
Temperature: ~500°F (260°C)
Power: 1 kW
Frequency: 183 kHz
Time: 210 seconds

Test 2

Key Parameters
Temperature: ~500°F (260°C)
Power: 1 kW
Frequency: 183 kHz
Time: 90 seconds

Test 3

Key Parameters
Temperature: ~500°F (260°C)
Power: 1.3 kW
Frequency: 101 kHz
Time: 3.8-4 seconds


Test 1:
The assembly was located with the interface receptacle centered in the open end 1 turn coil. Three preformed wraps of the supplied rosin core solder was place around the coax lead up against the top lip of the receptacle. Heat time required to flow the folder was noted as 210 seconds.

Test 2:
A small ferrite current concentrator square was located on top of the open end coil (see photograph) to focus the RF field and improve the solder cycle. As before, three turns of the supplied rosin core solder was located around the coax resting on the upper lip of the connector. Heat time to flow the solder was 90 seconds – improvement from the initial trail on test 1.

Test 3:
Noting the improvements listed on test 2, a toroidal ferrite coil was manufacture, Coil turns were wound around the ferrite to effect heating via transverse flux. The initial heat test completed on assembly FRD 1601-SR 2 was too rapid and has the propensity to overheat the braided wire jacket. Output power swas lowered to 80% of max (as tuned) yielding 1.3 kW. Assembly RQN 1300-SR2 was successfully soldered at cycle time 3.8-4 seconds. (testing was limited due to the number of components provided)


A single coil design (Test 3) with slight modification to the toroidal ferrite ring can be successfully used to solder all of the assemblies provided and possibly, all of the initial assemblies in the customer’s process.



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