The purpose of this test is to demonstrate the soldering of a connector

Recommended Equipment
The recommended equipment for this test is the SB-3/1200 with the HSB-3 heat station.


Key Parameters
Power: Up to 0.48 kW
Temperature: 392°F (200°C)
Time: 1.5 seconds

Process and Results:

This soldering process was quick yet effective. The unit was run at 985 kHz, the reason for using such a high frequency was to couple into the small diameter of the wires. The whole process from the heat being turned on to the hardening of the solder took 1.5 seconds. Previously a soldering iron was being used to complete this task, however induction soldering was proven to be much faster and more efficient. The process can now be automated on an assembly line, because the system can remotely be turned on.



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