Induction preheat steel tubing

Using a 7-turn induction ID coil, heat a 4.3” (10.922cm) ID steel tube to 700°F (371°C) in under one minute using the UPT-S2 and HS-4 Heat Station.

UltraHeat SM2/200 and HS-4WU

• 4.5” (11.43cm) steel tube
• 7-turn induction coil, designed and manufactured by UltraFlex Power Technologies for this specific application.
• Tempilaq 650, 700, 750, used to confirm when desired temperature has been met.

Key Parameters
Temperature: 700 °F (371°C)


  1. The UPT-S2 Power Supply was connected to the HS-4 Heat Station. The custom-designed and manufactured Induction Coil was attached to the Heat Station.
  2. The Induction Coil was placed inside the steel tubing.
  3. The Power Supply was turned on.
  4. At approximately 25 seconds, the Tempilaq 650 indicating liquid (gold) “flowed”, indicating that 650°F (343°C) had been reached.
  5. At approximately 35 seconds, the Tempilaq 700 indicating liquid (beige) “flowed”, indicating that 700°F (371°C) had been reached.
  6. At approximately 55 seconds, the Tempilaq 750 indicating liquid (blue) “flowed”, indicating that 750°F (399°C) had been reached.

Induction heating provides:

  • Efficient method of applying localized heat directly to the part, often resulting in significant energy savings
  • Short Cycle Times
  • Small footprint for equipment, allowing easy integration into existing or planned production lines



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