Front of sphere after heating

Heat an Inconel sphere to 482C (900F) in 2 minutes and 30 seconds using induction heating.

UPT SM2 Power Supply
HS-4W Heat Station
Custom C-coil

Inconel sphere with top and side openings
Temperature indicating paint.

Key Parameters
Temperature: 482C (900F)
Power: 2.05 kW
Time: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Process Steps:

  1. Heat the sphere with the side opening facing outward for 2 minutes
  2. Rotate the sphere so that the side opening is facing inward and heat for 30 seconds.

Results and Conclusions:

Heating an Inconel sphere to 482C (900F) without overheating the front of the sphere is possible with a C coil. The part must be heated with the side opening facing the open end of coil for an average time of 2 minutes. The sphere must then be rotated and heated for another 30 seconds to achieve uniform heating.



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