levitation melting aluminum

Levitate and melt 2g of aluminum using a specially designed levitation coil. Traditional melting applications impart impurities into the melted material. Levitation melting can be used for a well-controlled high purity melt for precise materials research.

UPT-S2 Power Supply
HS-4 Heat Station
Levitation coil

• 2g aluminum metal
• Test tube

Key Parameters
Power: 1.72 kW


  • The 2g aluminum sample was placed into a test tube
  • Power was turned on, and current was run through the levitation coil
  • The sample was loaded by passing the test tube through the coil and allowing the aluminum to float out by levitation.
  • With time, the levitated aluminum melted and stabilized.
  • The power was turned off, and the sample dropped into the waiting receptacle.

Results / Benefits:

  • Precise, non-contact containment of the metal sample
  • Heating without a crucible ensures that the sample maintains its purity
  • Easy sample removal: when the levitation melting process is finished, the sample can be removed by turning off the power supply and allowing it to exit from the bottom of the coil.



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