induction nanoparticle heating with ultraflex-n5 system

Objective: A Korean Institute of Science and Technology, which specializes in medical research, has contacted us about induction heating equipment for nanoparticle research. The purpose of this project is to heat up some biological units which are injected with nanomagnetic material.

Electromagnetic nanoparticle heating is a process of externally applied electromagnetic fields interacting with the electrical and magnetic properties of nanoparticles.

Nanoparticle research is used across industries like – biomedical research, environmental science, etc. One of the most common applications of nanoparticles in the biomedical field is magnetic particle hyperthermia. Hyperthermia therapy for cancer treatment targets to destroy tumors through heating of cancer cells to elevated temperatures alone or combined with other therapies.

For the specific customer needs, we had to fabricate a custom induction coil and confirm the magnetic field strength of 7.5 kA/m at 570 kHz or 15 kA/m at 350 kHz.

Industry: Academic and Research

Equipment: The equipment used for this application test is UltraFlex N-Series Nanoparticle Research Systems – 5 kW and a custom induction coil made for the client.

Process: The key parameter for heating nanoparticles is the magnetic field strength of the induction coil. We started the process development with the simulations and, after that design of the coil. In these preliminary calculations, we have to evaluate the strength and uniformity of the field.

The second part of this process was the verification of simulations results. The measurement procedure includes making a 3D fixture with nine spots. A measurement probe is inserted inside each coil position, and a single measurement at that spot is taken. The results are displayed on an oscilloscope.

During the tests, we discussed with the client the possibility of changing the target results. Ultraflex confirmed the coil design simulations and the coil suitability for that application. So, we achieved a magnetic field strength of 11 kA / m at 400 kHz with uniformity of 10%.

Benefits: The whole process of injecting nanoparticles into the biological unit and heating them to the required temperature can only be done with induction heating technology.

Reference Info: Application Note 3464-6978

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