Induction hardening of jaw teeth

Successful hardening of the jaw teeth using induction.

UPT-SM2/200 Power Supply
HS-4W Heat Station
Ultraflex custom coil

Carbon steel jaw teeth supplied by the customer

Key Parameters
Power: 2 kW
Temperature: Approximately 1526° F (830° C)
Time: 10-15 sec


  1. A test coil was custom made for the application.
  2. The sample was fixed in position inside of the coil.
  3. Induction heating was applied to the teeth.
  4. The temperature of the sample was monitored during heating.
  5. Heat was applied until the hardening temperature was reached.


  • System managed to achieve its maximum power.
  • The tooth was heated to 830°C in 12 sec.
  • 930°C was reached in 20 sec.
  • The Curie point (around 770°C) is reached in 5 sec.


  • System configuration – SM-2/200 with HS-4W is suitable for the process.
  • Classic coil is also suitable for this application.


  • Automation of the process can be achieved by moving either the HS with coil or the jaw in vertical direction.
  • Proper cooling systems have to be chosen. Cooling capacity – at least 2kW. Water-to-air system can be used, but it depends on the ambient operational temperature.



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