brazing carbide steel

Carbide tipping of a mining tool

Recommended Equipment
UPT-M35 HS 50kW

Flux – BrazeTec Special h Paste – 3000006890
Alloy – BrazeTec 4900 BD 3×0.30 – 3000007794

Key Parameters
Power: 35kW
Temperature: 1652°F (900°C)
Time: 8min

Process Steps:

  1. Cover the mining tool with the flux.
  2. Put the brazing alloy over the flux.
  3. Lay the carbide tips on top of the alloy and add flux in the space between the carbide parts.
  4. Heat the mining tool
  5. Adjust the carbide parts manually after the melting of the alloy
  6. After the carbide tipping is complete cool the mining tool.
  7. Strength and durability test – used 10kg hammer to test the joints. Passed the test.


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