bonding steel to plastic

Bond a steel insert to a plastic casing in under 3 seconds by reaching a temperature of 662°F (350°C) with induction heating.

Ultraflex UPT-SM2/200
HS-4W Heat Station
2-turn coil

• Steel insert
• Plastic casing

Key Parameters
Power: 1.2kW
Temperature: 662°F (350°C)
Time: 3 sec


  1. The steel insert was placed in the plastic housing by applying a force with a vice tool.
  2. The insert was then positioned in the center of a two-turn coil.
  3. Induction heat was applied for 3 sec as the steel insert was pressed down.


  • Strong durable bonding and faster heating cycles
  • Selective and precise heat zone, resulting in less part distortion and joint stress
  • Technology without pollution, which is both clean and safe


Request information or contact us about this application. Reference info: Application Note 3464-2453