Copper Tubing to Brass Fitting

In this application test, we are brazing copper tubing to brass fitting using UBraze Handheld System

UPT-W10 Power Supply
UBraze Handheld Brazing System

• Copper tubing and brass fitting
• Round coil
• Brazing rod formed into a preform
• Flux

Key Parameters
Temperature: about 1450°F (788°C)
Power: 7.04 kW
Time: No time limit was established. The braze took about 90 seconds from start to finish.

Induction brazing copper tubing to brass fitting with Ultraflex UBraze Handheld Brazing System. The customer’s targeted process time is less than 2 minutes per braze. The UBraze provides improved safety over the torch that is used for the customer’s current process.


  1. For induction brazing copper tubing to brass, first the copper tubing and brass fitting were fitted together, with flux applied at the joint. A preform was made of brazing rod and placed at the joint.
  2. The operator held the UBraze Handheld Brazing System with the coil positioned at the joint. The operator pulled the trigger to begin the braze.


  • Precise control of the time and temperature
  • Power on demand with rapid heat cycles
  • Reduction in defects due to overheating
  • Minimal handling of speaker diaphragm, reducing potential damage
  • Repeatable process, not operator dependent when parts are set in a nest or fixture


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