Win Ballou Presents at Kay & Associates Brazing Seminar

Win Ballou Presents at Kay & Associates Brazing Seminar2020-04-23T13:42:44+00:00

Kay & Associates Brazing Seminar

Win Ballou, one of Ultraflex Power’s Sales Managers  presented at the Kay and Associates brazing seminar on May 16, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

In order to show users how to properly braze with induction, Win Ballou demonstrated the UltraHeat S Series – Low Power Induction System for the class. Some members of the audience were hands on and were happy to be given the chance to experiment with our induction heating systems. Along with the demonstration, Win Ballou discussed  the following:

  • Impact of service stresses on strength
  • Atmospheres (vacuum, and gaseous: hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, etc.)
  • Brazing filler metals (BFM)
  • Quality control and inspection in brazing
  • Benifits of induction brazing

The Kay and Associates brazing seminars help individuals gain confidence in their brazing processes and allows them to understand the concepts that they can then implement in their own operations. Ultraflex Power is always excited to be an active part in such educational seminars.

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