Our customer at Sherbrooke University in Quebec, Canada was all smiles as they recently installed a custom UPT-S2 2 kW Induction Heating System. Sherbrooke University will be using this system for magnetic nanoparticle research. The system was modified to operate up to 300 kHz, to give Sherbrooke the desired magnetic field in their research.

Magnetic Nanoparticle Research

Sherbrooke University and their custom UPT-S2 Induction Heating System, modified to operate up to 300 kHz, used for magnetic nanoparticle research

Ultraflex Power Technologies has a family of induction systems for nanoparticle research. The original system, the UPT-n5, has 5 kW of power and operates with frequencies from 50 to 450 kHz. The UPT-n2 is a lower power 2 kW system with frequencies from 50 – 250 kHz. Ultraflex is also introducing the UPT-n3, a 3 kW system with frequencies from 30 – 300 kHz. In addition to their standard nanoparticle research product line, Ultraflex will work with customers to develop custom solutions based on their specific needs.

Ultraflex Power Technologies has also developed custom coils exclusively for nanoparticle research. These coils have been designed to optimize the magnetic field strength, the key parameter for heating nanoparticles. Their proprietary tools also enable Ultraflex Power Technologiesto provide support to researchers whose unique coil requirements require a custom coil solution.