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Hot Forming

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Hot Forming

Hot Forming

In hot forming, a metal part is heated to a level where its properties change, allowing it to be easily bent, extruded and formed. When the part cools, the properties return to its prior state.

Examples of Hot Forming with Induction

About Induction Hot Forming

Hot forming is a metal-forming process that is carried out at a temperature range that is higher than the recrystallization temperature of the metal being formed. The behavior of the metal is significantly altered, due to the unique properties above the recrystallization temperature. Utilization of different qualities of the metal at this temperature is the characteristic of hot forming (or hot working).

When above its recrystallization temperature, a metal has a reduced yield strength. No strain hardening will occur as the material is plastically deformed. Shaping a metal at the hot working temperature range requires much less force and power than in cold working. Above its recrystallization temperature, a metal also possesses far greater ductility than at its cold worked temperature. The much greater ductility allows for massive shape changes that would not be possible in cold worked parts.
The ability to perform these massive shape changes is a very important characteristic of these high temperature metal forming processes. The work metal will recrystallize, after the process, as the part cools. Induction heating provides a number of benefits for hot forming including:

  • Precise temperature heating in the desired heat zone
  • Quick processing time; power on demand
  • Safe and easy operation, with no exposed flames or heating elements

Typical hot forming processes include bending, extruding, and forging.

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