» 1 Are there water quality requirements?
» 2 Induction System Tuning Overview
» 3 How to connect your Power Supplies to the power supply network?
» 4 What tuning adjustment is needed when my current or voltage is too high?
» 5 Does Ultraflex offer Start-Up Assistance?
» 6 What is the Ultraflex standard Warranty?
» 7 What do I do if my Ultraflex equipment isn’t working properly?

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1. Q: Are there water quality requirements?

A: YES! Please review the Induction Heating Water Quality Recommendations

2. Q: Induction System Tuning Overview


  • To get max power out of the system, we need it to be “tuned”.  The System tuning is going to be affected by:
    • The coil design itself (number of turns, diameter)
    • The “load” (part) in the coil
    • Caps and Transformer within the Heat Station.

    For us, the load (the part) is going to be fixed.
    There are some things we can do to adjust the coil design, but sometimes the part dictates this.  Ultimately, we may be limited on number of turns that we can do and still tune effectively.
    The Heat Station provides some ability for adjustment.
    1) First, we need to get the frequency in the right range with caps.

    • The capacitors need to be set to allow the frequency to operate within the range of the power supply. A larger coil (more turns, larger diameter or both) will decrease the frequency and may need less capacitance to allow the power supply to operate.

    2) After the caps are in the right range, we need to adjust tap ratio to get proper power transfer.
    This is a quick guideline on the tuning – Induction Heating Tuning Guide.

When you see the meter readings on your system pegged for either voltage or current, that means you need to make an adjustment in the transformer ratio.  If Voltage is 100%, that means we have a voltage limit, and can’t get more power out.  Adjusting the tap settings down will allow for that to be resolved.  But if you are already at the lowest tap setting, we need to look at alternative capacitors in the system to allow us to reduce the voltage further.

3. Q: How to connect your Power Supplies to the power supply network?


  • The Power Supply connects to the power network through a power cord (supplied).
  • Additional fuse or circuit breaker and residual current circuit breaker on that power branch is a good choice since it will provide extra protection in addition to the unit’s internal protection.
  • A mechanical switch is also recommended within the operator ‘s range and vision and possibly closer to the Power Supply.
  • Only trained personnel should open the unit’s covers and operate the breakers
Color 1-Phase Connection Color 3-Phase Connection
Brown Line 1 Brown Line 1
Blue Neutral Black Line 2
Green/Yellow Ground/Earth Grey Line 3
———– ———– Green/Yellow Ground/Earth

1-ph power supply cable

Monophase power supply cable

3-ph power supply cable

Three phase power supply cable

NOTE: Local codes may have stringent requirements. It is the CUSTOMER ‘s responsibility to be familiar with and to comply with all applicable codes concerning conductor ratings and wiring procedures. An electrician familiar with the local regulations should determine proper wiring connections.

4. Q: What tuning adjustment is needed when my current or voltage is too high?

A: Please see the Induction Heating Tuning Guide

5. Q: Does Ultraflex offer Start-Up Assistance?

A: Yes! Talk to your Ultraflex salesperson about current rates. Prior to start-up, the Customer is responsible for positioning the equipment in its intended location. The Customer will also provide a sufficient raw or distilled cooling water supply (dependent upon cooling system specified), adequate electrical power in accordance with the proposed system specifications, and complete all interconnecting wiring and plumbing of the installation.

6. Q: What is the Ultraflex standard Warranty?

A: Where the sale involves new equipment, Ultraflex warrants that the equipment will upon shipment be free from defects in workmanship or material and should any failure to conform to this warranty under normal and proper use & care of the equipment become apparent during a twelve (12) month period from start-up, not to exceed fifteen (15) months from the shipping date, Ultraflex shall, upon prompt written notice from the Buyer, correct such non-conformity by repair or replacement Ex-Works, Ultraflex plant, Ronkonkoma, NY or Sofia, Bulgaria of the defective part(s) when inspection proves that claim. Correction in the manner provided above shall constitute a fulfillment of all liabilities of Ultraflex with respect to the quality of the equipment, and is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties of quality whether expressed or implied, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for purpose. This warranty does not apply to expendable items such as load coils and custom-made bus work. Equipment or components not manufactured by the Seller are warranted to the extent of the original manufacturer warranty. Failure to meet water system requirements may void the warranty.

7. Q: What do I do if my Ultraflex equipment isn’t working properly?

A: Our priority will be to work with you to get any issues resolved. Contact the Ultraflex regional office nearest to you to review your issue with an Ultraflex Support Engineer, who will walk you through some troubleshooting steps. Depending on the issue and the type of unit, we may request that the unit be returned to our facility for a more detailed evaluation. If needed, we can also send someone to your site.