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UltraflexPower – Induction Heating Water Quality Recommendations

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UltraflexPower – Induction Heating Water Quality Recommendations


The following are recommendations for water quality for use with UPT induction Systems to ensure a long service life of the equipment.

As many as 80% of problems with Induction Heating equipment can be traced to water related issues, so maintaining the water system is critical to ensure high reliability. Failure to meet these water guidelines can void the warranty of the equipment. Ultraflex Power Technologies recommends the use of isolated water loops for our Induction Heating equipment. Use of plant water directly in our products can void the warranty. Water to Air, Chillers, and Water to Water systems are available from UPT, please contact your sales associate for more details.


1) Use clean distilled water, if possible. The following are the recommended water quality specifications:

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