Ultraflex Power Technologies is excited to announce that it has officially been recognized as a green business leader. On July 20, 2019 PSEG Long Island accepted Ultraflex into its Energy Efficiency Program. This program is for Long Island businesses that commit to saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Why is energy efficiency important?

Buildings that operate more efficiently have a reduced energy demand. Which means lower operating costs, resulting in lower supply cost for the customer. Most importantly, it reduces our carbon footprint. Energy efficient buildings emit fewer greenhouse gases which in turn helps to preserve the environment for future generations.

What makes Ultraflex energy efficient?

Green structures like Ultraflex are built to use resources efficiently while reducing environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. The new location of Ultraflex was renovated with green efficiency in mind, contractors and engineers collaborated closely during the project to ensure that green building practices were utilized. The facility is complete with all LED lighting and energy star appliances.

Ultraflex Power will continue to do its part to help the environment by continuing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.