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Susceptor Heating Application Examples

/Susceptor Heating Application Examples
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Examples of Sucseptor Heating

About Sucseptor Heating

With susceptor heating, we use induction to heat a metal conductive susceptor, which then heats a secondary material either through direct contact conduction or radiation.  Susceptor heating is typically used when a material to be heated is non-conductive, such as plastic, ceramic and rubber; but is also used for heating very thin delicate metals, such as steel strips and wires.  Susceptor heating can provide very precise heat and better heat control to a defined area.  Susceptor heating is often used with heating through a quartz or glass chamber, which allows for heating in atmosphere or vacuum.  Susceptors may also provide benefit for uniformity of heating, vs direct induction heating.   ith its ability to provide precise heating and process control, induction is an ideal heating method for susceptor heating.

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