The Ultraflex Power Technologies “Showcase section” highlights events and activities that Ultraflex has had the privilege to participate in.  

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UltraHeat S series induction heating system used for research applications

The Test and Measurement Group in the University of Manchester has acquired an Ultra Heat S Series Induction System and custom coils. Learn more about their research here. Ultraflex has helped a number of world class universities and research centers with induction heating solutions for research and development.

March 14th, 2017|Showcase|

New tool to calculate induction heating power for many applications

Ultraflex is announcing the release of its induction heating calculator. This tool is intended to help in estimating the required heating energy and generator power for a variety of induction applications. The tool provides a quick and practical way of determining the required power and energy for heating loads with relatively simple geometries. By entering basic load [...]

March 9th, 2017|Showcase, Tech Notes|

Successful installation of an Ultraflex induction heating system for catheter tipping

An Ultraflex induction heating system consisting of an SM2/350 power supply with a HS-4W heat station was successfully installed at Surgimedik Healthcare. The customer will use the Ultraflex system for their catheter tipping applications. Mr. Gangaram Joshi is very pleased with how the system works and commented: The system supplied by Ultraflex Power is very [...]

February 9th, 2017|Showcase|

Brazing test of copper pipes with Ultraflex induction systems

BoxIT EAD is an information technology company manufacturing its own cooling systems and a part of the process requires brazing of copper pipes. They are searching for a high-quality and controllable brazing technology to incorporate into their manufacturing process. They tested brazing with a flame torch, a Brown’s gas torch, and induction brazing with the Ultraflex UltraHeat SM (5kW). [...]

December 13th, 2016|Showcase|

“PressCast 5G has the best vacuum facility in both melting and casting!”

Says Mr. Srinivas – casting expert from India who recently bought our PressCast 5G. Based on Mr. Srinivas casting experience PressCast is operator friendly machine which guides the caster to operate in a sequence for the best casting result. Comments from Mr. Srinivas: Output finishing of gold casting is excellent, resulting into @50% reduction of [...]

November 21st, 2016|Showcase|

Ultraflex helps Auckland University of Technology students with their final-year projects on induction levitation

Hafedh Alabdulaal, an Electronic Engineering student at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in New Zealand, did his final-year project on levitation with induction, supervised by Dr. Craig Baguley in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department. As Ultraflex is an industry expert in levitation with induction, Hafedh and his project partner Ali reached out to us about detailed calculations [...]

July 6th, 2016|Showcase|