This guide shows the process for Casting Platinum using an Ultraflex EasyCast system.

The EasyCast system is a centrifugal injection casting system with a maximum melting temperature of 2000°C. It can be equipped with the optional vacuum pump and gas argon atmosphere to fully protect the workpiece from oxidation, and can be configured with an optional IR temperature reader. The EasyCast can cast nearly all precious metals, including Platinum, Stainless Steel, Gold, and Steel.  With its integrated internal water cooling system, the EasyCast provides the function and convenience that manufacturers need to produce precise and delicate castings.

Included in this guide:

  • Flask Preparation
    • Preparing the Wax-up Model
    • Preparing the Metal Flask
    • Mixing the Investment
    • Vacuuming the Mixture
    • Drying the Flask
    • Burnout
  • EasyCast Preparation
  • The Platinum Casting Process

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