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Using Induction Soldering for First Time

//Using Induction Soldering for First Time

Using Induction Soldering for First Time

Using induction soldering for first time

How difficult it is to learn to use induction heating? What if we have never used it before?

I want to share one of my recent experiences.

I recently visited a new customer – a high tech cable and connector manufacturer in Nevada – to assist them with the set up and training with their new UltraHeat induction heating system.

The system was purchased to solder various connectors to RF coaxial cable assemblies. Training took only a few minutes. It took a couple of tries for the people who had limited soldering experience to start making perfect solder joints. The actual soldering technician was able to make perfect solder joints from the first try.

The induction soldering not only replaced the older solder iron process with flying colors, but also required almost no training. In addition, the customer production rates and quality increased substantially.

Scott Taddeo
West Coast Sales and Applications Manager