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Dragon 15 is a mobile induction heating system that consists of an induction heating power supply, RoboBraze automation unit and Robot.

Dragon 15 can also be coupled with a switching system to allow multiple handheld systems with different coils.

Dragon 15 Brazing System operates with  UPT-W15 (15 kW).


  • Output regulation – Voltage, Power, Current
  • Limits Setting – Current, DC Volts, Output Volts, Power, Frequency
  • Capable of operating in a wide frequency range (30kHz – 200kHz); low and high Q factors
  • Variable ratio output isolation transformer for load matching of a wide range of loads and coils
EquipmentDescriptionPart Number
Custom CoilCustom Coil
designed and manufactured for customer’s application.
Water Cooling SystemWater Cooling System
specified per customer’s requirements