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What is Melting of Metal

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induction melting

What is Induction Melting of Metal?

Induction melting is a process in which an induction furnace is used to heat a metal to its melting point. The metal to be melted is placed in a crucible. The Induction process can heat the metal directly in a ceramic crucible or in some applications utilize an intermediate susceptor such as graphite.  Special applications of Induction Heating allow the melt to levitate and allow melting of high purity or high reactive materials without contamination.  Induction melting can be done in a vacuum or under inert atmosphere for highly reactive metals. The process for induction melting of metal can be combined with casting capability to complete the melt and cast within one system.


Copper, Gold, Silver, Stainless Steel, Brass, aluminum and other metals


  • Clean process that avoids emission of dust and other pollutants typical of traditional cupolas
  • Energy efficient process, able to be sized based on production rate requirements
  • Faster melting cycles
  • Precise control of temperatures
  • Well controllable process with more consistent results,
  • Safer than using flame or other processes,

Typical Applications

  • Scrap re-melting,
  • Melting furnaces for foundries,
  • Melting of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum),
  • Materials research and sample preparation

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