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What is Levitation with Induction

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What is Electromagnetic Levitation?

Induction can be used to achieve the stable electromagnetic levitation of conducting materials. High-frequency oscillating currents in the coil induce currents on the surface of the load. With a specially designed coil, the induced currents interact with the magnetic field to force the load against gravity. This results in stable electromagnetic levitation.

Specially-designed levitation coils typically have conical shapes for an upward directed magnetic force and reverse-wound loops for vertical stability. Ultraflex Power has additional unique levitation coils that overcome these design requirements for more specialized applications.

The combination of simultaneous levitation and induction heating of the material can be used for levitation melting, a common application of electromagnetic levitation with induction. With no crucible, levitation melting provides a contaminant-free environment for the molten metal. Low contamination makes induction levitation melting ideal for applications which require the highest purity.


Any metal or alloy can be levitated with induction. Low density materials, such as Aluminum, are most suitable for levitation applications due to their light mass per volume.


  • Levitation melting: simultaneous levitation and induction heating
  • Contact-free levitation: precise confinement of metals or alloys
  • Low contamination: no crucible to contaminate the sample

Typical Applications

  • Industries which require high-purity
  • Materials research

Application evaluation

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