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What is Induction Preheating and Postheating

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What is Induction Preheating?

Induction preheating is a process where materials or workpieces are heated by induction prior to further processing. The reasons for preheating vary. In the cable and wire industry, cable cores are pre-heated before insulation extrusion. Steels strips are preheated prior to pickling and zinc coating. Induction preheating also softens metals before bending, and prepares tubes and pipes for welding. Mobile preheating solutions facilitate onsite repairs of bearing assemblies.




  • Efficient method of applying localized heat directly to the part, often resulting in significant energy savings
  • Short Cycle Times
  • Power on demand
  • Small footprint for equipment, allowing easy integration into existing or planned production lines

Typical Applications

  • Pre-Weld Heating (to speed up the heat process)
  • Heating cables prior to the extrusion process
  • Heating pipes prior to the galvanizing process
  • Heating pipes prior to the coating process
  • Heating painted sheet metal prior to the forming process
  • Heating bands for vulcanizing
  • Heating boring starter rings for sintering

Application evaluation

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