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What is Induction Bonding

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What is Induction Bonding?

Bonding is the connecting of metal or metal impregnated materials to rubber, thermoplastic material or plastic materials without the introduction of a separate bonding agent, adhesive or glue. Induction permits the non-contact heating of the metal or, in some cases, a metal susceptor, to impart heat via conduction into the plastic or non metal part causing a bond though selective heating and melting.


Typical joining materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Kovar


  • Power on demand with Rapid Heat Cycles
  • Heats the metal directly to achieve a precise bond zone
  • Accurate heating and temperature control with the ability to run repeated process cycles

Typical Applications

  • Food Industry – bonding of plastic handle to stainless steel tool
  • Dental Tools – bonding of metal to plastic
  • Optics – glass to metal bonding
  • Medical – cannule to needle hubs
  • Gaskets bonded to metal casings

Application evaluation

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