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What is Carbide Tipping

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induction carbide tipping

What is Carbide Tipping?

Carbide Tipping is specific brazing process by which a hardened tip material is applied to a base material to produce an extremely hard cutting edge.  When using induction heating, the tipping material is brazed to the base material with temperatures up to 1900 degrees F.


Steel to tungsten carbide, polycrystalline diamond, or cubic boron nitride


  • Reduced part variation and improved process control
  • Better process throughput by enabling large volume production without large batch sizes
  • Precise heating
  • better joint quality and fewer part rejects
  • Reduced oxidation and acid cleaning
  • Faster heating cycles
  • Safer than using flame brazing
  • Lower cost than operating a batch or furnace process

Typical Applications

Manufacturing cutting tools such as wheels, mining tools, saw blades, drill bits,
lathe tools

Application evaluation

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