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Soldering questions

Soldering questions 2016-10-18T08:17:16+00:00

induction soldering induction heating

For all parts and assemblies used in the application, please identify:

  • Composition: Identify the compositions of the parts being soldered.
  • Geometry: Identify the shapes and dimensions of the parts being soldered
  • Soldering Alloy: Identify the specific product name of the soldering alloy.
  • Soldering Alloy Form: Identify the form of the soldering alloy.
  • Flux Type: Identify the specific flux that will be used.

Drawings and/or Photos:

  • If available, provide drawings and/or photos of the parts.

Process Type:

  • Identify if the process is standalone, or integrated into an existing process.

Production Rate:

  • Identify the target production rate, in parts per hour.
  • Identify the number of operating shifts.

Part feeding

  • Identify if parts are fed manually or automatically.
  • For parts that are fed manually, identify the estimated load and unload times.
  • For parts that are fed automatically, describe the part feeding system.


  1. Identify if an induction coil required. If yes, identify if the coil is a new design, or existing.
  2. Identify if temperature control and/or monitoring is required.
  3. Identify if flexible leads are required (needed if the coil position will move).
  4. Identify if a water cooling system needed, or is this already available.

Other requirements

  1. Identify the options for Power in the facility.
  2. Identify any space constraints for the equipment. If possible, provide the space footprint.

Current Process

  1. Identify the current process being used.
  2. If the current process is induction, identify what equipment is used.
  3. Identify the key drivers for purchasing new equipment.

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