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Brazing Aluminum Tubes with Induction

///Brazing Aluminum Tubes with Induction
Brazing Aluminum Tubes with Induction2018-12-28T09:29:11+00:00

Brazing of two aluminum pipes together


Brazing of two aluminum pipes

UBraze 15

Аluminum to aluminum tube
Flared at interface 0.25” (6.35mm)
Brazed to steel tube 0.19” OD (4.82mm)

Power: 4 kW
Temperature: 1600°F (871°C)
Time: 5 sec

Results and Conclusions:

Induction heating provides:

  • Strong durable joints
  • Selective and precise heat zone, resulting in less part distortion and joint stress than welding
  • More consistent results and suitability for large volume production, without the need for batch processing
  • Safer than flame brazing



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