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Brazing questions

Brazing questions 2016-10-18T08:17:20+00:00

induction brazing

For all parts and assemblies used in the application, please identify:

  • Composition: Identify the compositions of the parts being brazed.
  • Geometry: Identify the shapes and dimensions of the parts being brazed.
  • Brazing Alloy: Identify the specific product name of the brazing alloy.
  • Brazing Alloy Form: Identify the form of the brazing alloy.
  • Atmosphere: Identify what atmosphere will be used (open air, vacuum, inert gas, etc).

Drawings and/or Photos:

  • If available, provide drawings and/or photos of the parts to be brazed.

Process Type:

  • Identify the target production rate.
  • Identify the number of operating shifts.

Production Rate:

  • Identify the target production rate.
  • Identify the number of operating shifts.

Part Feeding

  • Identify if parts are fed manually or automatically?
  • For parts that are fed manually, identify the estimated load and unload times.
  • For parts that are fed automatically, describe the part feeding system.


  • Identify if an induction coil required.  If yes, identify if the coil is a new design, or existing.
  • Identify if temperature control and/or monitoring is required.
  • Identify if flexible leads are required (needed if the coil position will move).
  • Identify if a water cooling system needed, or is this already available.

Other requirements

  • Identify the options for power in the facility.
  • Identify the space availability for the equipment.  If possible, provide the space footprint.

Current Process

  • Identify the current process being used.
  • If the current process is induction, identify what equipment is used.
  • Identify the key drivers for purchasing new equipment.

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