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Forging with Induction Application Examples

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Examples of Fording with Induction

About Fording with Induction

Forging with induction is the use of an induction heater to pre-heat metal parts prior to deformation using a press or hammer.  Forging with induction uses RF energy to precisely heat metal parts where they need to be formed without contact. Typically, forming and forging systems use lower frequencies of 1 kHz to 100 kHz depending on the target or billet diameter to be processed.  Common materials used for forging are steel, cast iron, and iron.

Forging with induction provides a number of benefits versus other heating methods, including: stronger parts than for equivalent cast or machined parts; direct part heating, which reduces costs with maintaining temperature in a forging oven; finite process control, enabling of precise heating of a specified area for a specified time; small footprint for equipment allows for more efficient use of floorspace; and repeatability of the process ensureing consistent quality for all parts produced.  Some of the common applications for Forging with induction are Bar End Heating, Billet Heating, Hot Heading, and Warm Forming.

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