UltraFlex introduces the First Induction Brazing Robot Integrating Induction Coil and Automatic Brazing Alloy Feeder – Dragon 15

Being the first Induction Brazing Robot in the industry moving the induction coil, Dragon 15 has already proved to be perfect for flameless brazing of refrigerators, compressors, heat exchangers, home appliances and complex HVAC assemblies, but the range of industrial applications is practically unlimited.

UltraFlex Power Technologies has recently announced the release of Dragon 15 – their induction brazing robotic arm, which fully automates the brazing process for copper to copper, copper to steel, brass to copper and aluminum tubes. The system replaces the outdated and unsafe torch brazing widely used in the industry, while at the same time increasing quality and productivity on the line.

Dragon 15 consists of an UltraFlex W15 (15 kW) induction heating system integrated with a Universal Robots (UR 5) cobot. Making a tube joint takes between 4 and 8 seconds, based on the tube size and the type of brazing alloy. The system operates with brazing rings (pre-forms) or, alternatively, can be integrated with an automatic wire feeder to achieve a fully automated brazing process.

Using precise automated positioning of the robotic arm and controllable heat applied through the coil mounted onto it, Dragon 15 can automatically and reliably braze multiple joints, ensuring a repeatable process and high-quality brazing. Further quality control is achieved by monitoring the energy applied to braze each joint and comparing with reference value.

The brazing robot can be easily reprogrammed to accommodate different process requirements – coil power, heat cycle, coil positioning, different production line speed, etc. Being a mobile induction heating system, it is compact and easy to move around.

Finally, the induction-based robotic brazing introduced by UltraFlex is an environmentally clean and safe process eliminating the hazardous flames or toxic gasses present in the conventional brazing techniques.

About UltraFlex Power Technologies:

Ultraflex Power Technologies (ultraflexpower.com) manufactures and sells induction heating power supplies. Induction power supplies generate a precise, targeted electromagnetic field that induces heat in conductive materials without the need for a flame or any contact with the material.