Quality Policy of UltraFlex Corporation Ltd.

quality policy of ultraflex

Since the establishment of UltraFlex Corporation Ltd. has approved and developed the principles of capacity management, set in accordance with BDS EN ISO 9001.

Founded in 1999, Ultraflex Corporation Ltd. was initially developing in the field of Internet application development. Gradually, following the trends for cooperation between Bulgarian and foreign companies, Ultraflex Corporation Ltd. builds its units for the development and production of industrial modules and software. Over the years, we have gained enough experience, created our traditions, and won the name of a reliable and conscientious partner.

The reasons declared by the company’s management back in 1999 for the introduction of a Quality Management System have not changed and we stand firmly behind them. Through the implemented Quality Management System Ultraflex Corporation Ltd. strives to achieve its goals through the following principles:

  1. Placing the Client in the center of attention of all employees of Ultraflex Cor-Corporation Ltd
  2. Determining clear and precise requirements for the quality of the products produced by Ultraflex Corporation Ltd. in order to fully satisfy the requirements and wishes of the Client;
  3. Continuous improvement of the ongoing processes inside and outside the company, related to the products manufactured by Ultraflex Corporation Ltd., by unambiguously and accurately defining the actions, relationships, places, and responsibilities in them;
  4. Analysis of the Customer’s satisfaction with the use of our products and striving to improve this satisfaction, establishing reliable and reliable feedback with our customers and partners;
  5. Analysis of the potential risks in the production and striving for their management and elimination.
  6. Achieving personal satisfaction of the employees of “Ultraflex Corporation” Ltd. from their work and creating a sense of empathy in each of them.

Today we all can be proud of the achievements of Ultraflex Corporation Ltd. so far as product quality, as a level of opportunities for complete solutions in the implementation of a product for the client, engineering, and consulting services. All of this would be impossible without the involvement and participation of all employees of the company. We are happy to say that every employee of Ultraflex Corporation Ltd. is familiar with the company’s quality management policy and their decisions and actions are subject to the following goals:

  1. To deliver a product, service, or solution that exceeds customer expectations;
  2. To establish the company as a competitive manufacturer of industrial products on the market;
  3. To continue the technological and economic growth of the company;
  4. To continue to be a valuable and reliable partner of our customers;

The entire management of Ultraflex Corporation Ltd. realizes the importance of these goals and to achieve them we try to:

  1. We are looking for constant improvements of the ongoing internal and external processes for the company;
  2. Identify, manage and eliminate all sources of risk that would contribute to the dissatisfaction of the Client;
  3. Create a secure and ethnic work environment that ensures engagement and growth employees;
  4. We set aside largest possible share of profits in reinvestment in new development and production facilities;
  5. We increase the engineering achievements by using leading and modern engineering applications and processes;
  6. We conduct systematic training of staff in order to improve their skills and motivation;
  7. We manage the relationships with our suppliers in order to get the maximum quality from our joint activity;
  8. Effectively use available materials, human, time, and financial resources according to the needs and requirements of the client;
  9. We provide the necessary attention, resources, and personal attitude to each employee of Ultraflex Corporation Ltd. to achieve our quality goals.

Since 2018 the Quality Management System has been updated in accordance with the new requirements of BDS EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Ultraflex Corporation Ltd. does not focus its efforts on short-term solutions but on long-term goals. We implement a policy that considers all stakeholders (employees, partners, suppliers, customers, society, the environment), and which is based on the principle of “Quality and safety first”.