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a2 test – Optional Equipment

/a2 test – Optional Equipment
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Single Color economical systems.  Perfect for brazing, soldering or low temperature monitoring. Systems can be set up to monitor only, or to provide closed-loop temperature control.  Requires manual emissivity adjustment, so it’s only accurate at the temperature the emissivity has been adjusted for.
Not ideal for low emissivity parts or parts that oxidize while heating.
Good for basic process control and monitoring.

Advanced Temperature options include Two-Color, and Dual Wave Systems for advanced and precise temperature measurement, as well as single color system capable of reading through a quartz tube. Systems can be set up to monitor only, or to provide closed-loop temperature control.
The Dual Color options are general use for all power supplies. They are reasonably accurate for most situations to about 10F and automatically compensate for emissivity.
The Dual Wave options are the most accurate, reading to about 3F. They are good for applications where parts change significantly, have low emissivity, or parts with lots of scaling. These also allow peak detection for moving parts. Dual Wave systems only require 20% field of view of heated section to get accurate readings, peaking on the hottest spot within the field of view.
The Dual Color and Dual wave Systems also have a fiber optic options to allow siting the IR sensor much closer to the coil. The non-fiber optic sensor heads need to be placed further away from the coil..

ModelTypeMin Temp
C° (F°)
Max Temp
C° (F°)
Fiber Optic HeadAccuracyType of
Emissivity Control
OK with Quartz TubeSpot Size
at Distance
3SNM-000-030Single Color0 (32)500 (932)NoLowManual, AdjustableNo0.06″ at 1.38″
3SNM-000-031Single Color0 (32)500 (932)NoLowManual, AdjustableNo0.24″ Spot at 4.72″
3SNM-000-032Single Color0 (32)500 (932)NoLowManual, AdjustableNo0.59″ Spot at 7.87″
3SNM-000-033Single Color0 (32)500 (932)NoLowManual, AdjustableNo0.71″ Spot at 19.59″
3SNM-000-034Single Color0 (32)1350 (2460)NoLowManual, AdjustableNo0.16″ Spot at 7.87″
3SNM-000-035Single Color0 (32)1350 (2460)NoLowManual, AdjustableNo0.71″ Spot at 19.59″
1ACC-700-200Single Color250 (482)1000 (1832)NoLowManual, AdjustableYes0.3″ Spot size at 19″
1ACC-700-210Dual Color590 (1100)1370 (2500)YesWithin 10°Auto CompensationYes
1ACC-700-250Dual Wave370 (700)1150 (2100)NoWithin 3°Auto CompensationYes0.48″ spot at 12″
1ACC-700-251Dual Wave370 (700)1150 (2100)YesWithin 3°Auto CompensationYes0.48″ spot at 12″
1ACC-700-260Dual Wave150 (300)480 (900)NoWithin 3°Auto CompensationYes0.48″ spot at 12″
1ACC-700-261Dual Wave150 (300)480 (900)NoWithin 3°Auto CompensationNo0.32″ (8.1mm) spot at 8″
Can focus on target as small as 2.03mm
1ACC-700-262Dual Wave150 (300)480 (900)YesWithin 3°Auto CompensationNo0.48″ spot at 12″
1ACC-700-230Dual Wave550 (1022)2200 (3392)YesWithin 3°Auto CompensationYes6in/60: 0.1 in spot at 6″
1ACC-700-240Dual Wave600 (1100)2500 (4485)NoWithin 3°Auto CompensationYes12in/110: 0.11in spot at 12″