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UltraCast Pro

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Ultracast Pro is a very advanced product with regard to the casting system, the temperature reading device, the automatic controls, and the safety devices.
It is an extremely compact, multi-purpose machine which will allow you to melt in air, vacuum and argon atmosphere, by setting the various parameters. With UltraCast Pro you will be able to cast all metals (precious and non-precious).

The unique design eliminates the need for crucibles by incorporating the crucible’s function into the invested ring. The heating is done quickly and safely via high power induction heating. The safety devices fitted on the machine make it safe and reliable in time.

UltraCast Pro is digitally controlled through a Touch screen LCD display. The control panel is designed to display the measured process parameters, to receive user input to set parameters and save programs, and to show error and warning messages. The Touch screen LCD display provides intuitive and informative visual feedback.


  • Pressure Injection Casting
  • Compact Tabletop Design
  • No need of Crucibles or Rings
  • Melting in air, vacuum and argon atmosphere
  • Touch screen LCD display
  • Built in IR Sensor for temperature measuring
  • Easy to Install and simple to operate
  • Advanced Induction Heating Technology



UltraCast Pro
Absorbed Power kW (max) 4
AC Line Volts (50/60Hz) 230 ±10%
Line Phases 1
Crucible Capacity 300g Gold; 250 g Pt
Min Flask Size, Inch (mm) D=1,7″ x L=5,4″
(D=43 x L=137)
Max Flask Size, Inch (mm) D=3″ x L=5″
(D=87 x L=127)
Max Melting 2000 C°
Cooling System Water-Internal
Weight Lb (kg) 127 (58)
Inch (cm) LxWxH
21″ x 20″ x 22″
(54 x 51 x 57)
  • Improved energy efficiency compared to resistance or flame heating
  • Uniform heating with high degree of controllability and repeatability
  • Increased productivity by rapid time-to-temperature heating
  • Eliminates open flame safety hazard and propane handling costs
  • Low maintenance requirements, easy to use systems
Equipment Description Part Number
Description Part Number
1 Ring Stiffener 2DET-769-000-LA
2 Ring Stiffener 2DET-769-000-LC
3 Ring Stiffener 2DET-769-000-LD
4 Sprue Button Penta – Form 2DET-769-000-OA
5 Plastic Ring 2DET-042-000-LA
6 Plastic Ring 2DET-042-000-LC
7 Plastic Ring 2DET-042-000-LD
8 Rubber Base 2DET-769-000-KA
9 Rubber Base 2DET-769-000-KC
10 Rubber Base 2DET-769-000-KD
11 Ceramic Base 2DET-042-100-UZ

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